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Dr M Abul Kashem (Agricultural Extension Education 1986)


Born in 1953, traveled 20 countries, completed Ph.D. degree in 1986 from the University of Reading, UK and post-doctorate in 1998 from the Hiroshima University, Japan. At present working as a Professor of Technology Transfer and Sustainable Agricultural Development in the Department of Agricultural Extension Education, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh. I have worked at the Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh for 33 years. Apart from teaching, I provide consultancy services for different national and international organisations located in Bangladesh. I have also considerable experience in conducting independent research and offering training in various disciplines.

Why did you choose to do a PhD at the University of Reading?

To my judgment, The University of Reading is a unique seat of learning for Extension Education. The competent and learned faculty members of the university attracted me to choose Reading for my Ph.D.

What was the best bit about living and studying in Reading?

Reading is a very calm, quiet and beautiful city to live in. The natural beauty is, of course, very charming.

What top tips would you give to students who are beginning their PhD?

1. Make use of the good library facilities
2. Utilise the excellent laboratory equipment and facilities
3. Make the most of the adequate and excellent cooperation from the supervisors

What are you up to now? How did you get there?

My Ph.D. degree from the University of Reading helped a lot in building my career. I am now a full pledged Professor and senior most teacher in department among other 19. In addition, I am also now working as the Head, Department of Languages. Previously, I worked as the Director, Bangladesh Agricultural University Extension Centre (BAUEC), and Director, Agricultural Museum, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh.

What would be your top tips for students interested in working in this sector?

If one gets a degree from the University of Reading, the value of his or her degree would be much more higher than if that degree had been obtained from many other universities in the world.

How has the University of Reading and the Careers Centre helped in your chosen career path?

Career centre at Reading University is very helpful for students. While I was a student, I visited Career Centre many times.

What does the University mean to you and what is your favourite memory?

The university is the highest seat of learning. I have many sweet memories about the University, especially I things such as the hour-long discussion with my supervisor, advice received from the Applied Statistics Department and so on.


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