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We love hearing your stories and there’s no better advert for a university than its alumni.  Alumni quotes and photographs feature in University resources including our prospectuses, degree congregation brochures, website and a whole range of promotional materials. Our alumni profiles are designed to celebrate your achievements, memories, and the life you have led since graduating from the University of Reading. They are a fantastic way for others to learn from those who have experienced Reading and their time since graduation.

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Abdullahi, Ali (PhD Livelihoods 2014)

Akers, Jennifer (MMet Meteorology 2012)

Alimbetov, Dauren (MSc Food Technology and Quality Assurance and PhD Human Nutrition 2011)

Aliyev, Tural (MSc Accounting and Financial Management 2014)

Arab, Firas (MSc Business Information Management 2012)

Arboleda, Diana (MSc in Applied Development Studies 2011)

Atliyev, Sergey(MSc Business and Management in Emerging Markets 2010)

Barrett, Alistair (BSc Physical Geography 2012)

Barrett, Eddy (BA Management and Business Administration 2011)

Ben-Umar, Yasmin (LLM Oil and Gas 2013)

Brooks, Jessica (MSc Species Identification and Survey Skills 2012

Brownstone, Tim (BSc Animal Science 2013)

Broomfield-Payne, Charlotte (BA Fine Art 2012)

Cardoso, Rogerio (MBA Construction and Real Estate 2012)

Champion, Adrian (PhD Meteorology 2012)

Chaudhary, Pawan (MSc Accounting and Financial Management 2011)

Clay, Mark (BA European Studies & French 2010)

Davis, Anthony (BSc Biology 2010)

de Wied, Sian (BA Film and Theatre 2011)

Dirganova, Merrysa (MSc Development and Psychopathology 2012)

Dodson, Andrew (MSc Construction Management 2011)

Fiaz, Nauman (MSc Project Management 2010)

Forrest, Emma (BSc Human Geography 2010)

Fowler, Meagan (BSc Construction Management 2010)

Green, Laurence (BA English Literature 2012)

Green, James (BA Management and Business Administration 2012)

Habib, Stephen (MSc Agriculture and Development Economics 2010)

Halikiopoulou, Olympia (BSc Psychology 2011)

Hardcastle, Kate (BA Applied Linguistics 2010)

Hodgkinson, Kat (BA Film and Theatre 2011)

Home, Anna (BA Archaeology and Ancient History 2012)

Huang, Tiantian (MSc International Securities, Investment and Banking 2011)

Jackson, Katy (BA History 2010)

James, Heather (BSc Land Management 2010)

Kirk, David (BSc Economics 2012)

Lee, Cal (BSc Real Estate 2011)

Low, Jonathan (BA French and History 2011)

Mi, Li (BSc Financial Risk Management 2012)

Miller, Henry (BA Archaeology and History 2011)

Mishra, Gaurav (PhD Livelihoods and Rural Development 2012)

Raihan - Brunei alumni ambassador

Mohammed, Ibrahim (BSc Quantity Surveying 2010)

Moore, Lamar (MSc Cybernetics 2011)

Mselle, Justine (MSc Construction Management 2011)

Muyinza, Samuel (MSc Development Policy, Process and Practice 2012)

Nguemo Tchikanda, Marcelle Sylviane (Visiting Student Accounting and Management 2012)

Nokman, Raihan (MA Education - Leadership and Management 2012)

Ouma, Swaleh (LLB Law 2012)

Partner, Simone (LLB Law 2014)

Pérez-Rodríguez, Adriana (BA Politics and International Relations 2012)

Peron, Valentina (International Relations 2011)

Perry, Jack (BSc Building Surveying 2014)

Piri, Stephanie (BSc Chemistry with Forensic Analysis 2013)

Playle, Izzy (BA Ancient History and Archaeology 2012)

Rees, Joseff (BA History 2014)

Rogers, Calum (BA Classical Studies 2014)

Rozkowinski, Radoslaw (BSc Applied IT 2011)

Setterfield, Ellen (BA French and English 2010)

Shah, Rachita (BSc Biochemistry 2012)

Shaw, Emily (BSc Human and Physical Geography 2011)

Smailes, Ken (BA History 2012)

Smith, Jake (BSc Finance and Investment Banking 2010)

Thrale, Penny (BSc Psychology, Mental and Physical Health 2011)

Tran, Hung Duy (MSc Corporate Finance 2010)

Tran, Nguyen 'Sunny' (MSc Marketing and International Management 2012)

Turland, Alice (BSc Psychology 2010)

Whitaker, Melissa (BA Applied English Language Studies 2011)

Williams, Rhys (BA History 2014)

Yao, Lijing (MSc International Securities, Investment and Banking 2011)


Adebayo, Kolawole (PhD International and Rural Development 2002)

Alashkar, Eamon (MSc Real Estate 2008)

Allen, Jade (BA Philosophy and English Literature 2008)

Allen, Laura (BA German and Management Studies 2006)

Allen, Paddy (BSc Land Management 2005)

Ansari, Mohammed Shakeel (MSc Surveying 2009)

Anthis, Stamatis (BA International Relations and Economics 2001)

Ashraf, Mateen (MSc Network and e-Business Centred Computing 2007)

Bace, Chris (BA Ancient History and History 2009)

Beilby, Jenny (MSc Project Management 2008)

Belcher, Katie (BA English and History 2009)

Brierley, Chris (PhD Meteorology 2007)

Blunden, Hannah (BSc Biological Sciences 2008)

Chahine, Nadine (MA Typeface Design 2003)

Chove, Lucy (PhD Food Biosciences 2009)

Coles, Steve (BSc Human Cybernetics 2000)

Contino, Christian (BA Economics 2006)

Crawford, James (BSc Investment and Finance in Property 2009)

Damen, Kayleigh (BA Film, Theatre & Television 2006)

Deb, Briti (MSc Network and eBusiness Centred Computing 2009)

Dollard, Jessica (BA Classical Studies and English Literature 2009)

Dyer, Claire (MA Victorian Literature & Culture 2008)

Ellis, Luke (BA French and German 2005)

Evans, Marcus (BA History 2004)

Evison, Tom (BSc Quantity Surveying and Construction Management 2009)

Fahn, Adam (BSc Mathematics 2002)

Faisal, Danish (MSc International Business 2008)

Farrell, Julie (BA Film and Drama 2000)

Fermor, Charlie (BSc Agriculture and Business Management 2008)

Flaxman, Andy (MPhys Physics and the Universe 2003)

Flood, Samantha (BA English Literature 2009)

Garman, Laura (BA English Literature 2008)

Gilchrist, Laura (BSc Meteorology 2002)

Green, James (LLB Law 2002)

Hart, Wayne (BA Design for Graphic Communication 2008)

Hofmann, Ansley (BA European Studies & German 2009)

Hussein, Omari (BEng Electronics Engineering 2007)

Ingram, Vicky (BSc Meteorology 2005)

Irvine, Claire (BSc Linguistics and Language Pathology 2002)

Juma, Lois (MSc Development Finance 2006)

Kandel, Analia (MA Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) 2001)

Kapsali, Iro (BA Management and Business Administration 2009)

Keya, Dennis (BSc Agriculture and Economics 2000)

Lights, Zion (BA English 2005)

Lineker-Mobberley, Maryanne (BA History of Art & Architecture 2008)

Liu Xiaochu (MSc Applied Meteorology 2008)

Lubega, Jude Thaddeus (PhD Computer Sciences 2006)

Maniar, Zayd (BA Economics 2001)

Markey, Madeleine (BA English and German 2009)

Mylona, Maria (International Relations 2000)

Masso, Isamar Carrillo (BA Applied Linguistics 2008) 

Morris, Brenda (BA English and American Literature 2007)

Muhandiram, Jani Nisansala (MA English Language Teaching 2009)

Muniz, Soledad (MSc Communication for Innovation and Development 2008)

Murray, Emma (BA Film and Theatre 2009)

Nettleton, Michael (BA Economics 2002)

Nistico, Massimo (MSc Real Estate Investment and Finance 2006)

Norris Trent, Catherine (BA French and Politics 2003)

Obinwa, Chris Etuka (MSc Agric. Ext. System & Mgmt 2001; PhD Geography 2006; MA International Security Studies 2007)

O'Connor, Sara (MA Children's Literature 2001)

Ogudoro, Peter  (MSc Communication for Innovation and Development 2009)

Otor, Clement (PhD Archaeology 2006)

Outhwaite, Sophie (BA Economics 2008)

Raza, Farhanah (BSc Chemistry 2007)

Renner, Terence (BSc Construction Management 2006)

Reynolds, Philip (BSc Psychology and Physiology 2001)

Rogers, Luke (BSc Artificial Intelligence & Cybernetics 2008)

Sharma, Sanjay (BA Classics 2008)

Sifnioti, Dafni (MSc Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate 2009)

Sloan, Caroline (BA Archaeology 2005)

Smith, Nick (BA English Literature 2005)

Soo, Wincci (LLB Law 2007)

Stevens, Amy (BA Ancient History and History of Art 2009)

Sutton, Chris (LLB Law 2009)

Taiwo, Bodam (BEng Electronic Engineering 2006)

Thom, Lorna (LLB Law 2007)

Totten, Andrew (BA War, Peace and International Relations 2009)

Turner, Jerry (TEFL Diploma 2004)

Turvill, Philip (BSc Horticulture 2006)

Welter, Kyle (Advertising 2007)

Wang, Qiang (MSc Real Estate 2003)

Ward, Emma (BA French & English Literature 2002)

White, Daniel (BA Archaeology & History 2009)

Willett, Ben (BA Philosophy 2008)

Williams, Kemi (BSc Human Geography 2007)

Williams, Tara (MSc Development Studies 2003)

Woodward, Richard (BSc Cybernetics and Control Engineering 2009)

Woolley, Marion Grace (BA Theatre Arts, Education and Deaf Studie, 2002)

Xu, Lei (MSc Multinational Accounting and Financial Management 2003)

Yang, Jun (MSc International Securities and Investment Banking 2008)


Alston, Robert (BSc Rural Resource Management 1995)

Anderson, Roberta (MA History 1993)

Avila Zaragoza, Eduardo (MA Multinational Accounting and Financial Management 1992)

Baggini, Julian (BA Philosophy 1990)

Baimova, Nigar (MA in Organisation, Planning and Management in Education 1999)

Bird, Julia (BA English 1993)

Chillara, Srinivas (Cheenie) (MSc Information Systems Engineering 1999)

Cleverly, Jonathan (BSc Psychology and Zoology 1995; MSc Wildlife Management and Conservation 2002)

Cohen, Julie (MPhil English Literature (Children's) 1996)

Cooke, Graham (BSc Psychology 1991)

Dalan, Fabio (Meteorology, Erasmus visiting student 1998)

Drimoura, Maria (MA Body and Representation 1998)

Etherington, Paul (BSc Botany with Zoology 1990)

Fish, Tony (BEng Electronic Engineering 1990)

Gibson, Mark (MSc Project Management 1993)

Griffiths, Mark (BA Philosophy 1992)

Harsa, Sebnem (PhD Food Technology 1992)

Machida, Lewis (MPhil Plant Breeding and Crop Improvement 1994)

Malek-Jahanian, Simon (BA Accountancy and Economics 1997)

Malley, Gemma (BA Philosophy 1992)

Mashudi, Puti Mazura (LLM Law 1996)

McNeil-Smith, Maggie (BA French 1998)

Neal, Emma (BSc Psychology 1998)

Nicholson, Heidi (BA Italian and French 1995)

Oakes, Tricia (Visiting student 1997)

Rayner, Kate (BA English 1991)

Rushent, Ceri (BSc Botany 1990)

Sanewe, Andrew (PhD Agriculture 1995)

Sawhny, Ashish (BA Film & Drama 1995)

Shepherd, James (BSc Mathematics & Statistics 1998)

Singh, Awanish (MA Rural Social Development 1995)

Smith, Dave (MA Archaeology 1999)

Stevens, Mark (BSc Quantity Surveying 1993)

Ushiku, Miki - nee Ohta (BA Psychology and Sociology 1995)

Williams, Adam (PGCE Mathematics 1996)

Xu, Jianhong (PhD Sedimentology 1997)

Yamazaki, Eriko (MA International Studies with Research Training 1998)


Absolon, Peter (BA Geography 1982)

Peter Absolon with friends

Ailes, Marianne (PhD French 1989)

Ali, Richard (BSc Agricultural Economics 1989)

Bartolome, Alejandro (MSc Animal Production 1981)

Kasozi, Joseph (MSc Grasslan Science 1984)

Louise Burgess (BSc Zoology/ Psychology 1987) 

Buxton, John (LLB Law 1980)

Campbell, Helen (BA German and French 1986)

Comrie, Rowena (BA Fine Art 1982)

Conroy, Martin (MSc Construction Management 1987)

Edmunds, Mark (BSc Agricultural Economics 1986)

Elfaki, Musa (MSc Agricultural Extension 1988)

Haque, M Zahidul (Agricultural Extension 1984)

Hodgkinson, Paul (French 1984)

Kashem, Abul (Agricultural Extension Education 1986)

Khan, Javed Hussain (MA Linguistics 1989)

Linnell, Robert (MSc School Management 1989)

Machado, Stephen (PhD Crop Physiology 1987)

McKenzie, Richard (BA German and Russian 1989)

Mitchell, Ian (BSc Physics 1988)

Mortlock, Miranda (BSc Agriculture 1981)

Oluwatola, Olatunde (MSc Food Technology 1982)

Osman, Zaidi (MSc Agriculture and Economics 1984)

Outram, Jackie - nee Higgins (BA German and French 1986)

Padmanabhan, Soman (PhD Agriculture 1980)

Sonzini Astudillo, Urbano Agustin (MSc Animal Production 1981)


Adams, Andrew (BA French & Economics 1978)

Allcock, Nick (BSc Soil Science 1977)

Bishop OBE, John (BSc Agriculture 1971)

Coberman, Steve (BSc Estate Management 1975)

Coker, Dolapo (MSc Food Sciences and Nutrition 1975)

Excell, Peter (BSc Engineering Science 1970)

Godfrey, Jim OBE (BScAgriculture 1974)

Heron, Marilyn (BSc Physics 1974)

Hodge, Alison (BSc Physics 1975)

James, David (BA Fine Art 1972)

Mitchell, David (BA Linguistics 1976)

Palmer, Jennifer (BA German 1970)

Pickering, Nigel H (BSc Estate Management 1977)

Pickles, Michael (BA French 1972)

Pullinger, David (BA Politics & Economics 1970) 

Reiss, Tony (MPhil Food Science 1977)

Slee, Peter (BA History 1979)

Tudor, David (MA Drama 1972)

Tzortzios, Stergios (Postgraduate Diploma Agriculture Management 1975)


Darts, David (BSc Food Science 1965)

Eckford, Michael (BA French 1967)

Folland, Christopher (BSc Physics 1966)

Garner, Kathleen (BA German 1968)

Green, Sybil (BSc Zoology, Botany, Psychology 1962)

Hooper, Derek (BA Psychology 1968)

Hopper, Paul (BA Hons. German 1962)

Hudson, Graham (BA Economics 1968)

Laybourn-Parry, Johanna (BSc Zoology 1969)

Lim, Ju Boo (MSc Food Sciences 1967)

Pinschof, John (BSc Psychology 1963)

Poole, Robin (BSc General (Microbiology, Chemistry, Zoology 1961)

Sage, Martin (BSc Agriculture 1966)

Sayer, Su (BSc Chemical Physics 1969)

Sugden, David (BSc Psychology 1968)

Wotton, Roger (BSc Zoology 1968 and DSc Biology 2008)


Greenow, Vivien - nee Fundell (BA French 1956)

Taylor, Alan (BSc Chemistry and Microbiology 1959)