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Creating change for the better means investing in the future. By investing in our future citizens you can help them achieve their potential and help them benefit their communities, countries and the world. 

You can do this by helping students overcome financial barriers to studying at Reading. You can help break down borders and give people from some of the most troubled areas of the world the chance to study at Reading. Your support will also give students the confidence and the skills to go beyond the classroom and benefit their local community. 

You can enable students by getting them beyond barriers, beyond borders and beyond their curriculum.


Attending university is not always easy for talented and driven students. Financial barriers can often quash the dreams of hopeful scholars. Your support will remove that final obstacle, meaning that access to education is not just for the privileged. Breaking down that barrier alleviates the pressure of social inequality and promotes social mobility. You can help create a fairer, better society for all.


Education is an immensely powerful tool, it connects people with ideas. Education can also give people the strength to stand up and effect change. We live in a turbulent time with many countries facing an uncertain future. You can help make sure the University of Reading is able to educate more students from around the world, giving them skills and knowledge that will help build a better future in their home countries.


Students face a difficult journey after university. They enter a highly competitive market and will work in conditions of ever increasing globalisation and changing technology. They need so much more than a degree to stand out - volunteering and extracurricular activities are vital. You can give students opportunities to explore their passions, deepen their social conscience and discover skills they didn’t even know they had.

Your support will enable students to be the best they can be. Students’ ability to effect change is huge and your support can make that happen.

  • £16,000 provides the fees for an international student to study their Masters at Reading 
  • £3,000 allows a student society to provide vital opportunities to its committee and members 
  • £1,000 allows a student from a low income background an equal opportunity to thrive at Reading 
  • £500 provides a laptop and the necessary software for a student to complete their coursework 
  • £300 provides the funding that lets a student graduate with pride alongside their peers

Please help students achive incredible things by making a gift today.

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