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International Alumni

Our alumni community is truly international and we're keen to stay in touch with alumni living and working overseas. You're part of an international network of more than 30,000 Reading alumni living outside the UK in over 170 countries!

Flags of the worldThe University is keen to continue developing internationally and we want to ensure that you continue to benefit from your relationship with the University and its global network. We are keen for you to take part in creating new social, career, and business networking opportunities.

Getting involved means continuing to benefit and giving back at the same time.

Keep in touch!

These days, we all move around much more and change our contact details often. Wherever you are in the world, we’d like to stay in touch with you and encourage you to join our online alumni community where can easily update your details, meet old friends, and get involved.

You can also join any of our international alumni social media channels:

WeChat University of Reading alumni official journal (see QR code)

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Hong Kong
University of Reading Alumni in Hong Kong  

University of Reading Alumni – North America 

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University of Reading Alumni – Latin America  

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University of Reading Alumni – Turkey Community

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International Alumni Ambassadors

Are you keen to share your Reading experience with new students? Have you built up skills and expertise to lead on alumni activities in your country? Are you proud of your Reading connection and want to tell others? Then you could be one of our new International Alumni Ambassadors! There are also plenty of opportunities for alumni who have a busy schedule.

International Alumni Associations

Turkey alumni groupWe’re keen to set up international alumni associations in selected countries which will provide alumni with regular social and professional networking opportunities. Associations are groups of alumni who regularly communicate, meet, and organise activities. They also raise awareness of the University and promote goodwill among alumni. At the backbone of this network are dedicated individuals who give their time and skills locally to support alumni and promote the University.

If you are keen to set up an association in your country, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us with a written proposal outlining the following:

  • objectives of the association
  • proposed activities
  • business model and sustainability

If you are a Henley Business School, Henley MBA, Real Estate and Planning, or an ICMA Centre alumnus, you can join their programme specific alumni communities, too.


We offer a variety of services to help you get in touch with local alumni, to set up and run networks and events, or to get involved with volunteering opportunities. Contact the International Alumni Manager for more information.