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Tural Aliyev (MSc Accounting and Financial Management 2014)

Tural is currently our International Alumni Ambassador for Azerbaijian and lives in Baku


Between graduating from my university back home and coming to Reading, I worked as a Corporate Loan Officer at Unibank CB LLC and volunteered for the European student forum AEGEE in Baku.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Reading?

I chose University of Reading firstly because of its strong business school (Henley Business School), which is one of the best in UK. Secondly, because of its location: it is really close to London (25 minutes by train) and at the same time cheaper than London.  And last but not least because of its campus. It has really beautiful and green campus, with a lot of accommodation really close to academic buildings. It is 10-15 minutes walking distance from Reading town centre (in my case 10 minutes of skating distance J)

What was the best bit about living and studying in Reading?

The best bit about living and studying in Reading was the weather (just kidding... ). The best bit I think was 24/7 library and study rooms, and till 5 am pizza delivery J

What top tips would you give to students who are beginning their studies?

Tip number 1: Socialise. Find friends, and do it by going to events parties, by joining different societies.
Tip number 2: Manage your time. There is a lot of stuff to do studies (main purpose!!), societies, events, traveling and etc., which you will not want to miss out on.
Tip number 3: Learn how to cook. When I started my Masters, I only knew how to cook eggs. Yes I did not even know even how to cook pasta..., but I had to learn fast. And by the end of the year, I learned to cook different variety of stuff (from my mom via Skype), my salmon was rated the best by my flatmates, and I learned to cook paste in 20 different ways!!  My tip: learn to cook in advance so you don't struggle like I did... J

What University activities are you still involved with and why do you volunteer?

I liked my time in University of Reading, and I would be happy to share my experience with future students. Also I would like to stay connected to my University and volunteering is one way.

[Editors note: Tural also appeared in our video for international students who are preparing to come to Reading.]

What does the University mean to you and what is your favourite memory?

University to me is knowledge, friends, experience and key to success! It is really hard to choose one memory as a favourite because we have done a lot of cool, crazy stuff, we travelled we partied, we played games... But when I look back now, I miss mostly simple stuff like skating with you friends, cooking with flatmates in the kitchen where you do not sit down at the end to eat because you ate everything while cooking. J

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