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Furthering Impact | Developing Research | Providing Opportunity

For over 10 years supporters of the University have been committed to enhancing the student experience. Thank you to all of you who have already chosen to make a difference.

Giving to Reading makes an immediate impact on the lives of the current and future generations of Reading students. Find out how you can make a difference.

Your support matters

Supporters of the University have been committed to Furthering Impact, Developing Research and Providing Opportunity. Those Giving to Reading are helping financially struggling students and enabling them to gain the skills to help themselves and the wider community. Donors are also helping to pioneer world-class research at the University; funding post-graduate students and vital research equipment.

Giving to ReadingGiving to Reading has a huge impact, far beyond the University of Reading campus. Our donors believe in creating the best possible opportunities for our students, so they can go on to do great things with their degree. We produce teachers, researchers, engineers, artists, meteorologists, historians and countless other professionals. The experiences they have at Reading and the enhanced opportunities our donors provide give them the skills they need to make a difference.

Finally, Giving to Reading is a celebration of all those who have a connection with Reading’s past, present and future. Join our community of donors and help ensure future generations of students continue to thrive here at Reading and beyond.

Giving to Reading Telephone Campaigns

Every year we run two telephone campaigns, in which a team of bright and enthusiastic current students will be telephoning Reading alumni to update them on University news and to seek their support. The number we call from is 0118 380 0196.

The telephone campaigns run in the autumn and spring. If you are telephoned, we hope you will enjoy hearing about University life as it is today, and we know the students certainly love hearing about your time spent here.

If you have any questions, please contact the Campaigns and Supporter Engagement team or email:

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