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Thanks to the support of our donors we are able to ensure that the University continues to be a world leader. Please visit our Imagine Impact Pages to find out more about the projects you've helped support.

thank you croppedEach year, we hold a Donor Day event to which we invite supporters back to the University to thank them, to show how their gifts have made a difference, and showcase both current and future developments at Reading.

For more information about recognition societies, donor events and your gift, please contact the Fundraising Team on Tel: +44 (0)118 378 8006 or email at

Giving Matters

All donors receive the annual publication, Giving Matters, which illustrates the difference that philanthropy makes to the Universities students, staff and to the wider world.

Donor Recognition

Find out more about how we recognise our donors through our recognition societies and donor pins which identify and recognise donors who give to Reading via a similar method or at similar levels.